"The thought of strategy depends on the game, you dont really want to give up &


PEAK RATING - Elo 2521

GM. R R.Laxman receives Chief Ministers State Sports award for outstanding Sportsperson from Hon Chief Minister on 8.02.2021 .
Laxman and his Doctor parents do service to special children around Theosophical society and Laxman is a life member.
GM RR Laxman recieving Commonwealth Gold Medal from former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister

GM RR Laxman is a recognised chess champion with a proven track record from a young age of 09. At the age of 10 he became the under 12 champion. This championship encouraged Mr. Laxman to achieve more glories in his future.Mr. Laxman, who is born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, has travelled all over the world for many tournaments. He has added many feathers to his cap with the most important one being his Gold medal in the Commonwealth Games 2010 held in India.

Mr. Laxman became Grand Master at the age of 26. He is the first GM to be recruited by Indian Railways. His Master of Arts became useful while he was recruited in Indian Railways.He added glories for Indian Railways by becoming Under 25 champion(twice) in India.He goes on to create more glories by winning many open tournaments around the chess world



The Master of Nimzo - Indian

  • Chennai Open champion(2018)
  • Commonwealth Games 2010 Gold Medalist
  • National Blitz Champion(2017)
  • Successful tournaments Penang Open.
  • First grandmaster in Indian chess to be employed in Railways


  • Favoruite Tournament : Chennai Open
  • Favourite Author : Mark Dvoretsky
  • Favourite Chess possession : I treasure my chess set that I bought it abroad. I carry it wherever I go.
  • Favourite abroad event : Abu dhabi open 2015
  • Favourite Victory : CWG 2010,Delhi


Apart from being a strong chess grandmaster, a very good human being and world-class blitz chess prodigy laxman is also a reputed and renowned astrologer known for his impressively accurate predictions.

CJ Arvind - Fide chessmaster

His chess talent is exceptional.
True. But from a scale of 1 to 5 - I would rate his chess as 4 star while his astrology gets a full 5 stars. Kudos - and a very good human too. Talent in chess & astrology - WOW!!! what a combo

Naveen jain - Candidate chess master
Faridabad India

Grandmaster Mr RR Laxman is not only excellent at Chess but he is also a Grandmaster of Astrology. I've had readings done for my family in a couple of places but no one has described our personality traits as precisely as him. His predictions come with sound advise on strengths to hone, appropriate remedies (parigaram) for challenges and gives clear guidance on how to achieve goals. He also patiently answered my many questions. I'm very happy with Mr Laxman's reading and will recommend this gift he has for anyone looking for a professional, intellectual and compassionate horoscope reading.


I am Syamala from Malaysia and I work in an International Bank . My sister Kala who is based in the US had recommended Laxman to me for astrology reading. Honestly, from the many astrologers I have seen todate, Laxman’s reading is accurate and overall approach and explanation is practical and logical for our currect hectic lives. My family and I are very happy we found Laxman .🙏🏻


Grandmaster RR Laxman is my bosom friend, a brilliant chess player who also happens to be a great astrologer. But importantly he is a kind hearted person who helps people from all walks of life. My best wishes to you for all your endeavors.

Chess Grandmaster Arun Prasad

Laxman is an excellent astrologer

CJ Arun


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